Teacher Resources

Key dates:

Lesson 1 – Set the scene

Homework – Use the registration link to set up your account. Read the expert profiles. Ask at least one question on the website.

Note- If you are short on lesson time, you could ask students to watch the highlight clip(s) at home.


Lesson 2 – Class Debate

Homework – Write 5 questions you could ask to privacy and communication experts. These could be to do with the debate or the lectures highlights you have seen.

Note – You can download a printable kit here. If you haven’t received your debate kit by 4th January, please get in touch with katie@mangorol.la 


Lesson 3 – Live chat

Book a computer room for this lesson. Book your online live chat here as soon as possible. Please be aware the number of live chats is limited and these are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Students login to the site. They can read profiles and ASK before the chat opens.
  • Click CHAT at the top of the page to join the chat. It will open 5 minutes before your booked slot.
  • After the CHAT, post any left-over questions in ASK.

Homework – Return to the website to post questions in ASK.

Note – The website remains open for students questions throughout January with different experts online each week.