Note – Registration for the Christmas Lectures Zone has now closed.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list for this activity, please email katie@mangorol.la


‘What is the Christmas Lectures Zone?’

Privacy is important. Especially for young people. This interactive STEM activity focuses on privacy, linking to the Royal Institution CHRISTMAS LECTURES theme of “the language of life”. Students debate privacy issues and connect to a range of scientists working in communication and privacy, including this year’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES presenter Sophie Scott, and other contributors to the Lectures.

This 2-3 lesson activity helps students develop SMSC and working scientifically skills such as “appreciate the power and limitations of science”, “consider ethical issues” and “appreciate the relevance of science to everyday life”.

‘What can my class do?’

Debate the issues – Using a free debate kit to provide structure, your class explore the privacy implications and potential benefits of our phone microphones listening in all of the time. 8 characters with different viewpoints help maintain a balanced discussion of the good and bad issues associated with this technology.

This class debate, along with highlight clips of the Lectures provide stimulus to engage your students in the topic of privacy.

Connect with scientists – Students then go online to ask questions and live chat to scientists working in the fields of privacy & communication. The online activity is flexible, allowing you to book a live chat at a time that suits your class this January.

‘How does it work?’

1. Register your place in the event

Already signed up to I’m a Scientist or I’m an Engineer? Click the link in the registration email we sent you at the start of November or email katie@mangorol.la to say ‘I would like my class to take part in the CHRISTMAS LECTURES Zone’.

New to these online projects? Register your place using this form. Be sure to check the box marked ‘CHRISTMAS LECTURES ZONE 2017/18’

Deadline to Register: Monday 11th December

2. We post your Debate Kit and you prepare for January

In December, you will receive your Debate Kit by post, which includes everything you need to run the debate lesson. We will also send information on how to book your live chat and give your students log in details for the online CHRISTMAS LECTURES Zone.

IMPORTANT Set aside enough lesson time for the activity in January. You’ll need one lesson for the debate, and at least one lesson for using the site and the chat with scientists.

3. Run the lessons with your students

Run 2-3 lessons with your students during January. Students debate the privacy implications and potential benefits of phone microphones. Then they log in to CHRISTMAS LECTURES Zone to ASK questions to the scientists and take part in live CHATs.


4. Students become more enthused about science, and think deeply about the wider implications of advances in technology.