CHRISTMAS LECTURES Zone: The language of life

Download the Privacy Debate Kit produced as part of the 2017 CHRISTMAS LECTURES series.

Professor Sophie Scott takes us on a fascinating journey through one of the fundamentals of human and animal life: the unstoppable urge to communicate, in the 2017 CHRISTMAS LECTURES on communication.

A group of experts, including Sophie, are online to answer questions and take part in live chats from the broadcast of the lectures to the end of January 2018. The online CHRISTMAS LECTURES Zone also focuses on an important area of communication; privacy.

Professor Sophie Scott | Image: Paul Wilkinson

Professor Sophie Scott is at University College London (UCL), where her special interest is in researching the neuroscience of voices, speech and laughter.

Sophie’s research investigates how our brains process the information in speech and voices and how our brains control the production of our voice. Other interests include individual differences in speech perception and plasticity in speech perception, since these are important factors for people with cochlear implants. Sophie is also interested in the expression of emotion in the voice. In particular, her research in recent years has focused on the neuroscience of laughter.

The 2017 CHRISTMAS LECTURES: The language of life, is  broadcast over the festive period, and each week of between 8th Jan-4th Feb 2018 there will be a different group of experts online to answer questions from school students and the public.

Take a look at the Royal Institution’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES site for more information. Thank you to the 2017 CHRISTMAS LECTURES major supporter, Lloyd’s Register Foundation.