Where Do I Come From?

Lecture 1: Where Do I Come From?

Your life stems from a single cell. Yet within the trillion of cells that make up your body lies a fundamental conundrum. Each cell contains identical DNA, yet muscle cells are very different from skin cells; blood cells are very different from brain cells.

  • How does each of your cells ‘know’ exactly what to do? And when?
  • And where? How do your heart cells start beating?
  • How can your eye cells help you see the world around you?
  • Can we use our understanding of how stem cells transform into specialised cells to build new body parts?
  • What can we learn from animals that can regenerate their limbs?
  • And what are the implications of tinkering with the fabric of life?

Filming Date: Saturday 14 December 2013

Broadcast Date: 8pm Saturday 28 December 2013, BBC4

You’ll be able to watch the ‘Where Do I Come From?‘ episode on BBC FOUR.

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