Could I Live Forever?

Lecture 3: Could I Live Forever?

  • Every living thing – humans, animals, plants or a single cell – eventually dies, but why?
  • How do cells know when to die?
  • What controls the ageing process and could we ever halt it?

Developmental biology and genetics give us new insights into how cells work and what happens when genes switch on and off. Can we use this knowledge to improve or even extend life? And what are the ethical issues if we do? Would you really want to live forever?

Filming Date: Thursday 19 December 2013

Broadcast Date: 8pm Monday 30 December 2013, BBC4

You’ll be able to watch the ‘Could I Live Forever?‘ episode on BBC FOUR.

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  1. kattypuss says:

    I loved this lecture sooooo much, I took my friend along with me and she really enjoyed it too, thanks to everyone!

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