Links to Scout badges

Taking part in I’m a Scientist is a great opportunity for Scouts working towards Activity Badges. Here are a few ways your group can use their live chat:

Scientist Activity Badge

As part of the Scientist Activity Badge, Scouts pick a Scouting activity and investigate the science behind it.

In their I’m a Scientist live chat, Scouts can ask questions to real scientists about their selected activity. They could find out how a campfire cooks food, why a kayak floats, or how a compass works.

Alternatively, Scouts could find out how an experiment or science activity they complete for their badge links to the real world by asking real scientists about it, then find a way to explain it to others in their own words.

We’ll help to find relevant scientists who can explain the science in ways young people can relate to.

Writer Activity Badge

For the Writer Activity Badge, Scouts have the option to interview a notable person and write it up to earn the badge.

In their I’m a Scientist live chat, Scouts can pick a scientist to interview. Leaders can see the scientists who have signed up to join the live chat in their dashboard.

They can find out about their career path and background, their job and the type of science they do.

Afterwards we can provide the Leader with the transcript for the Scout to write up.