Keep young people connected

I’m a Scientist, Stay at home puts young people in direct contact with real scientists.

Everyone can take part from home, so it’s especially useful while schools and youth groups are closed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Young people can:

  • Chat with real scientists and with each other, in up-to-60-minute real time text-based chats
  • Ask any questions they like to the scientists
  • Vote for their favourite scientist of the week

It all happens online. It’s safe and secure. It’s free to take part.
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Taking part benefits young people

They stay connected

  • Taking part in I’m a Scientist helps them stay in touch with each other, and with group leaders.

They see science in the real world

They discover new careers they didn’t know existed

  • Young people connect with scientists from a diverse range of backgrounds, disciplines, and industries.
  • They see scientists as role models, and start to see themselves in similar roles.

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