• Question: If you could help anyone or any organization what or who would it be?

    Asked by anon-195080 on 11 Dec 2018.
    • Photo: Rosalind Franklin

      Rosalind Franklin answered on 11 Dec 2018:

      I think it would be Medecins sans Frontieres. They originated in France, which makes me sympathetic to them because I love France, and they do very valuable work helping people in war zones and areas hit by famine, poverty or disease.

      I died of ovarian cancer, so my second choice would be cancer charities!

    • Photo: Mary Somerville

      Mary Somerville answered on 12 Dec 2018:

      I think everyone should be able to learn, especially science and maths, so I would probably support organisations that allow access to learning – just like this one!

      As a child I wasn’t allowed to learn much, because I was a girl, perhaps I would also support organisations that move towards equality for women.