Information for teachers

The Bank of England is running a public consultation to select a late British scientist to put on the new £50 note.

The £50 Note Zone helps you and your students discover people from STEM history. It’s an online competition where your students get to question a group of living, breathing scientists and engineers as they champion their personal science heroes to be the face of the new note. How will your students decide who to back?

Your students can:

The £50 Note Zone is open now, and your students can log in and start posting questions to the scientists!

Please note: This zone is not affiliated with the official Bank of England process, The votes aren’t currently forwarded to BoE, and the Zone winner may be different from who finally ends up on the note. But there are links to the official survey and it is a valuable opportunity to help students, many of whom won’t have taken part otherwise, feel they can make their own thoughtful nominations.

Here’s how your students can join the conversation:

  • If you’re already taking part in the November 2018 I’m a Scientist event…

Ask your students to log in and visit their profile page. They will see a link on the right-hand-side. Follow the information here and they can start posting their questions right away!

  • If you’ve taken part in I’m a Scientist before, but are not already taking part this November…

Look out for an email from us with a quick form to fill in. You’ll then be given a link to join the £50 Note Zone and instructions on how to create accounts for your students.

  • If you’ve registered your interest in our projects (you currently get emails from us) but have not yet taken part…

Look out for an email from us with a quick form to fill in. We’ll then email you with login details and instructions on how to involve your students.

  • If you’re completely new to I’m a Scientist…

Use the form on this page to register your interest in our projects. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to get your students online.