• Question: 'Reading and writing carbon science', are you limited to the structure of graphite in your research, or do you look at all forms of carbon?

    Asked by blatantlyninja to James on 19 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: James Boone

      James Boone answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      I have looked at several forms of Carbon during my PhD, but Graphite is my main focus because of its importance to my sponsor (EDF energy). I have also researched Graphene (a single layer of graphite, which is really a hot topic in science at the moment, especially in electronics) and Carbon Nanotubes. The nanoscience field are trying really hard to extract and put to best use the unique properties of each form of Carbon. For example Nanotubes are meant to have a seriously high tensile strength (they can withstand being pulled by huge forces) and scientists are looking to implement that strength by incorporating them into polymers. Graphene is bound to end up in an electronic device soon, there is probably a new scientific paper released every dayabout the properties of graphene.