• Question: what will happen to the internet in 20 years

    Asked by coreyanddaz to David, Luna, Mark, Melanie, Probash on 24 Mar 2011 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Luna Munoz

      Luna Munoz answered on 24 Mar 2011:

      It’s so hard to tell. The WWW may be replaced with something else, but I think sending information via the internet will always be around now that we have it. I just hope that other countries will have access to the internet, because it is a good tool for spreading democracy.

    • Photo: David Pyle

      David Pyle answered on 24 Mar 2011:

      The pace of technical advance is so fast that it’s hard to predict, but internet will still be a major part of our lives. In my own field, I will have smart sensors scattered across my volcanoes, measuring movement, gases, earthquakes, and transmitting this information in real time to my palm top supercomputer via the next generation web.