• Question: what is it like to be a scientist

    Asked by anon-358315 on 30 Mar 2023.
    • Photo: Alison Tidy

      Alison Tidy answered on 30 Mar 2023:

      Honestly I don’t know any different I have always been a scientist. I like that we work towards problems as a team, support each other. I love the variability of science and always learning new things. Science can be frustrating or boring sometimes when something doesn’t work or when doing large experiments means doing the same thing over and over. But overall I find it really enjoyable and love my job.

    • Photo: Alexandra Milliken

      Alexandra Milliken answered on 30 Mar 2023:

      I find it highly interesting. I get to feed my curiosity of the natural world around me, whilst also being able to help in the fight to keep these amazing plants and crops from dying out. I get to use some really cool equipment everyday and learn so many new skills.

    • Photo: Andrew Wood

      Andrew Wood answered on 30 Mar 2023:

      I really enjoy it! I find it rewarding and the idea that every day I get to learn new things I find awesome! Curiosity is generally what drives me, and so I love finding out new things in a supportive environment where everyone works together on it

    • Photo: Sam Mugford

      Sam Mugford answered on 30 Mar 2023:

      it’s a wild ride.