• Question: What chemical(s) are used to make a firework coloured??

    Asked by Marichat173 to Ed, Kerrianne, Oli, yoyehudi on 16 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Oli Wilson

      Oli Wilson answered on 16 Nov 2017:

      That’s a great question! Have you ever done flame tests in science? The colours in fireworks mostly come through the exact same process! So copper compounds will give you blues, sodium salts will give you bright oranges, magnesium will give you bright silver or white etc… Have a look at these
      There are actually lots of other flame colours () but some of the cool ones are a bit dangerous or expensive to use in fireworks – radium is radioactive and caesium and rubidium are way too reactive. Shame – they look really pretty!

    • Photo: Kerrianne Harrington

      Kerrianne Harrington answered on 16 Nov 2017:

      Usually metal salts 🙂 Different kinds will give you different colours.