The Science of Learning Topics

Every fortnight we highlight a new different topic within the Science of Learning. An introduction to each topic will be provided and during that fortnight relevant researchers will be highlighted on the site.



Date Topic Description
8 – 21 January Topic 1: Learning and Remembering What do neuroscientists mean when they talk about learning, and how does information become stored as memory?
22 January – 4 February Topic 2: Attention, Reward and Motivation What is attention, and what is the role of reward on motivation and concentration?
5 – 18 February Topic 3: Early development (Primary) How do essential early school skills, such as language, reading, and basic maths develop?
19 February – 4 March Topic 4: Adolescence What do we know about brain development and socio-emotional changes between 10 and 25 years of age?
5 – 18 March Topic 5: Evidence in the classroom What should teachers know about the science of learning, and how can they assess evidence for themselves?
19 – 1 April Topic 6: Individual Differences What do we know about factors that make learners different to each other, like intelligence, cognitive ability, and developmental disorders?
16 April – 27 April Topic 7: Factors affecting learning Exercise, sleep, diet How do external factors like diet, sleep, and exercise affect learning?
30 April – 11 May Topic 8: Mindsets and Metacognition How does the brain think about planning, monitoring, and evaluating, and what are mindsets?
14 – 27 May Topic 9: Mental Health How do emotions and stress affect learning?
4 – 17 June Topic 10: Making learning difficult How does making learning hard benefit learning?
18 June – 1 July Teachers’ Choice Teachers choose a final topic during the event