I’m a Scientist and Zooniverse 🌌

I’m a Scientist is a safe, student-led online activity.

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In the Zooniverse Zone, students can:

  • Build upon their learning from the classification activities done in class
  • Chat with astronomers and physicists using images from space to discover about our universe
  • Learn more about new career paths they might not have considered
  • Gain confidence by asking questions

It’s online and super-flexible – you book chats at times that suit you and your classes.

It’s quick and easy to set up, and text-only – no audio or video required.

The Zooniverse supports I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here.

Zooniverse gives people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to participate in real research with over 50 active online citizen science projects. Work with 1.6 million registered users around the world to contribute to research projects led by hundreds of researchers.

Thanks to funding from Zooniverse, this activity is completely free for UK state-maintained schools.

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What teachers say:

“Incredibly easy to set up and run”
“My students loved their involvement and I was amazed at some of the questions they asked”

Teachers: Take part with your class ❯

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Questions? Email support@iasuk.ddev.site