• Question: What sort of things did you have to learn to get your job?

    Asked by leilapops06 to Carolyn, Eloise, Freya, Ioannis, Lloyd & Rose, Oliver, Phillip, Sophie, Suzanne, Yasamin on 16 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Eloise Ainger

      Eloise Ainger answered on 16 Jan 2018:

      I am a Research Assistant working on a project using a robot for autism education. I trained in psychology and then got some hands-on experience working with autistic children. I also completed a masters degree where I learnt more about autism and more. My studies taught me about research and how to run tests well which helped me to get the job, but my experience in the field was also very important. I am still learning in this job, which will help me progress to getting a different job, or to go back to university to carry on learning.
      The learning needed for a job will depend of course on what area you would like to work in.

    • Photo: Phillip Burnett

      Phillip Burnett answered on 17 Jan 2018:

      I actually had a bulk of the right skills to quickly do quite well in my job as i’d previously worked with both animals and children. I did have to learn on the job how best to interact with the elderly for the animal therapy sessions we deliver, similarly I’ve had to get to grips with working with adults too.

    • Photo: Yasamin Motamedi

      Yasamin Motamedi answered on 19 Jan 2018:

      I had to learn how to design and run experiments, how to analyse data and present data to communicate my research. I learned a lot of these skills when I did my masters degree and then my PhD.