• Question: What qualities and skills do you have to have to get a job like yours?

    Asked by leilapops06 to Carolyn, Eloise, Freya, Ioannis, Lloyd & Rose, Oliver, Phillip, Sophie, Suzanne, Yasamin on 16 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Eloise Ainger

      Eloise Ainger answered on 16 Jan 2018:

      For my job in research, it was important that I had completed research previously and had some basic understanding of the process. It was also really important that I had empathy and understanding of the difficulties some children with autism might experience as well as their parents in order to best support them. We often work with schools and families so being friendly and approachable I think is also important.

    • Photo: Phillip Burnett

      Phillip Burnett answered on 17 Jan 2018:

      Well as much as the education in an animal science is a great help for lots of the knowledge we talk about it our shows, what’s equally as important is being comfortable with all sorts of animals. So if you’ve got exotic pets and a passion for nature, alongside confidence to talk to people then you’ll be a perfect fit to the job!

    • Photo: Carolyn McGettigan

      Carolyn McGettigan answered on 18 Jan 2018:

      I’m a professor at a university, so my job involves research and teaching, as well as administrative duties to help with running our department. We are expected to conduct exciting research and be good scientists, but we also need to be able to communicate well with our students so that they get the full benefits of our knowledge and experience. Plus, we actually need to be super organised to do our admin tasks – much as I would like to be a bit more eccentric, I don’t get to be a nutty professor yet!
      Now that I have my own team of researchers, I’ve also been learning how to be good manager and mentor too, for those people around me who are just starting out in their research career. I think that’s going to be a really nice aspect of my career. In general, a job in a university is really varied and never boring!