• Question: What is it like researching babies and living with a baby 24/7

    Asked by mclarke2503 to Nayeli on 25 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez

      Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez answered on 25 Jan 2018:

      Interesting question. In fact, it is fascinating to see language development happening “live”. I’m now even more interested in the topic and because my son is bilingual I’m more and more interested in bilingualism. I have been recording my son’s language development. It is also quite interesting to contrast the theory with the practice and understand some of the challenges that parents coming to the lab face every day and that we simply cannot see as researchers. But as you can imagine, running after a toddler 24/7 is an amazing but exhausting job!