• Question: Is it possible to have a animal to human translator?

    Asked by gmartinez to Suzanne, Phillip, Lloyd & Rose, Carolyn on 1 Feb 2018.
    • Photo: Phillip Burnett

      Phillip Burnett answered on 1 Feb 2018:

      In a certain respect yes, experts of animals would easily be able to tell people what they were ‘saying’ by their sounds or actions. It wouldn’t be a literal translation but it would certainly help you understand what they were trying to communicate!

    • Photo: Suzanne Harvey

      Suzanne Harvey answered on 2 Feb 2018:

      Theoretically, it would be possible to programme software to translate the meanings of sounds we understand in different species, but a lot of sounds depend on context. So while you could do it, the translation wouldn’t convert the sounds to human language.