• Question: What made you want ot become a scientist

    Asked by to Thomas, Saiful, Piers, Olivia, Meggi, Laurence, Chris, Javier on 12 Jan 2017. This question was also asked by thelegend27(2), Mod - Shane.
    • Photo: Meggi

      Meggi answered on 12 Jan 2017:

      I simply love asking questions and doing science offers many answers.

      My chemistry teacher at school was brilliant and allowed us to do many experiments and discussions (example: Why is the sky blue? What is the Chemistry in preparing Vodka? What makes a substance highly toxic? What is color?) during class. I remember many great hours spent in Chemistry class. I guess that was when it started.

    • Photo: Laurence Hardwick

      Laurence Hardwick answered on 13 Jan 2017:

      I really enjoyed chemistry lessons, as well as biology at school, and had great teachers for both. So I was motivated to continue chemistry at University, and this has led me to studying battery chemistry. As a scientist you have the opportunity to try to solve some of the major technological questions of our time – such as how to get a battery to power a car for 500 miles.

    • Photo: Piers Barnes

      Piers Barnes answered on 13 Jan 2017:

      I really enjoyed my science lessons at school, and then began to realise that I also enjoyed the scientific process of making hypotheses and testing them (which is a bit different to learning about science). It is a privilege, and and very interesting, to be able ask (and sometimes answer) questions about the world around you as a key part of your job.