• Question: how long did it take u to be a scientist thing

    Asked by Anon to Yasmin, Natasha, Jemma, James, Davide, Craig, Charlie on 26 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Jemma Rowlandson

      Jemma Rowlandson answered on 26 Jan 2017:

      It’s taken a little while, for a start I had to finish 11 years of primary and secondary school first. Then because I really liked science I spent another 2 years in college studying A-levels in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Finally I did a degree in Chemistry which took 4 years. Once I finished that I because a qualified scientist, which overall took 17 years, but I called myself a scientist anyway when I was doing my degree 🙂 after all that I decided because I really loved scientific research to keep going and do a PhD, which has taken another 4 years.