• Question: what would you like your job to proceed into and what would you aspire to do towards the future?

    Asked by anon-351187 on 31 Mar 2023.
    • Photo: Eileen Xu

      Eileen Xu answered on 31 Mar 2023:

      I’m not sure! I’m still deciding whether I want to do clinical psychology in the future (seeing patients, instead of doing research). If I decide to do that, I have to take another masters degree and get clinical experience, but I think I would enjoy doing research part-time and doing clinical or public-facing work part-time. Seems like the best of both worlds for me!

    • Photo: Emily McDougal

      Emily McDougal answered on 31 Mar 2023:

      This has changed several times over my life already – the approach I have taken is to follow what interests me. I think what’s great about studying psychology is that it gives you lots of different options. I can take the knowledge and experience I’ve developed and apply it to a different career if I wanted to.