• Question: Have you always been interested in science and how long have you been studying it?

    Asked by anon-354981 on 30 Mar 2023.
    • Photo: Eileen Xu

      Eileen Xu answered on 30 Mar 2023:

      I’ve always been interested in one form or another. I found science more interesting than humanities in school, so I knew pretty early on that science is something I wanted to pursue. I feel like I’ve been studying science since school, and starting to do scientific research during university. I’ve done research since 2018 though!

    • Photo: Hannah Fawcett

      Hannah Fawcett answered on 31 Mar 2023:

      Yes! I really enjoyed biology at school and then psychology when I was introduced to that at college. To be honest I’ve always been someone who loved school and learning in general. I first started studying psychology at college and haven’t stopped since so that is 20 years now! As psychologists we are always learning new knowledge and skills and will never have all the answers.

    • Photo: Laura Joyner

      Laura Joyner answered on 31 Mar 2023:

      When I was really little I wanted to be a doctor, then during 6th form I wanted to study product design engineering (so a bit of design, a bit of physics/maths). But I didn’t have a great time in 6th form, ended up dropping physics and my maths grades dropped. In the end I went down the design route, and it wasn’t until years later I did a short course in psychology just because I was curious. That was probably about 4 years ago now (since then I’ve done an MSc and am 3 years into my PhD)

    • Photo: Emily McDougal

      Emily McDougal answered on 31 Mar 2023:

      I was always more interested in humanities growing up, especially English – I actually planned to study English at university. I’ve always loved reading and writing. When I studied psychology at A-Level, I loved that it was a combination of both science and humanities. Lots of the skills I was using in English, such as writing and critical thinking, were also important for psychology, but I also needed to use other skills such as problem solving. Not including compulsory education (primary and secondary school), I spent a total of 9 years studying psychology!