• Question: To become a scientist, do you have to take triple science at GCSE?

    Asked by Rebecca to Anne, Rose, Thomas on 25 Jun 2015.
    • Photo: Thomas Farrugia

      Thomas Farrugia answered on 25 Jun 2015:

      Hi there – if by triple science you mean chemistry,biology and physics then I’d say it would help, though you don’t necessarily need to do them all at that level – you can easily jump in at A Level provided you’re willing to do some more background reading.

      Bio/chem/physics would help kit you out to be a natural scientist, although maths is crucially important, and a very powerful discipline it’s own right, since Maths is the language of science – I’d highly recommend studying it if you get the chance (I did quite a bit of math in my first year at Uni to bring me up to speed for later topics that required it)

      Don’t forget fields like computer science as well, which aren’t physical sciences, but are still highly researched based and use scientific methodologies – you wouldn’t need triple science for either, although they could help if you wanted to work in fields where the different sciences mingle.

    • Photo: Rose Simnett

      Rose Simnett answered on 29 Jun 2015:

      I agree with Thomas, It’s not essential but bit does help.