• Question: What got you interested in science?

    Asked by anon-349092 to Sam, Rosa, Rory, Phil, Nikolai, ilma, Felipe, Eashan on 8 Mar 2023. This question was also asked by anon-349104, anon-351128, anon-351115, anon-351127.
    • Photo: Sam Mugford

      Sam Mugford answered on 8 Mar 2023:

      I remember being amazed by space, by the size of the universe, how planets orbited around stars when i was quite young. I really enjoyed physics, but something that really switched me on to biology was learning at school about how genes work. Genes carry code to make proteins, and proteins are little molecular machines that do everything that life needs to do to work at a microscopic level. I thought ‘WOW, so that’s how life works!’ and I never looked back from there.

    • Photo: Phil Howell

      Phil Howell answered on 13 Mar 2023:

      I’ve got lots of older brothers and sisters and they were all interested in science and nature, so it was always in front of me as a kid. I loved finding out facts about the world around me. I still have so many questions!

    • Photo: Felipe Becerra

      Felipe Becerra answered on 15 Mar 2023:

      I wanted to understand nature. Why plants are green? How a flower becomes a tomato?