• Question: Did you always want to be a scientist, even when you were younger? If not what did you want to be?

    Asked by anon-267478 on 24 Nov 2020. This question was also asked by anon-270577.
    • Photo: Savannah Clawson

      Savannah Clawson answered on 24 Nov 2020:

      I always enjoyed science growing up but I definitely didn’t think that I would actually be a scientist one day! I loved writing stories when I was a child so I dreamed that I would one day be an author. When I was in secondary school, I though graphic design was really cool and wanted to one day design adverts. It wasn’t until I applied to university when I was around 18 years old that I decided that I wanted to be a scientist.

    • Photo: Sam Geen

      Sam Geen answered on 24 Nov 2020:

      My family always did scientific jobs and encouraged me to learn about science, but I also liked music, art and history. I decided to do science at university because I thought I would be happy doing the other things in my spare time. I also made a lot of decisions at the last minute, so don’t worry if you’re not sure just yet what you want to do. Aim for something where there are jobs that would make you happy, too.

    • Photo: Viviene Dela Cruz

      Viviene Dela Cruz answered on 25 Nov 2020:

      No, I thought science was beyond me. I had more interest in communicating with people so I thought I was going to be a newscaster or a radio jock. But life happened and as you go along, you will have more information about your environment, the world, and yourself (including your interests). It was a late realisation for me that I have always been drawn to science, especially Physics! I still like communicating with people but now I have an added passion for science so combining them both, I ended up having my own radio show at uni talking about sustainability and now, here at I’m A Scientist, Get Me out of Here 🙂

    • Photo: Juan Pereiro Viterbo

      Juan Pereiro Viterbo answered on 25 Nov 2020:

      I have always liked maths and science. However my decision was not straightforward. I also wanted to be a writer… In the end I chose to study physics in University and I have never regretted it.