• Question: what is the most hardest project that you had to complete?

    Asked by anon-201582 to Sophia on 15 Mar 2019.
    • Photo: Sophia Pells

      Sophia Pells answered on 15 Mar 2019:

      It’s not really a project but the radioactive atoms that I am studying only exist for a few days before they’ve decayed away so we have to do all the tests we want to on them really quickly whenever they are produced. Last summer we produced some of these isotopes in CERN in Switzerland so I was there in CERN doing night shifts to assist with the production of these radioactive isotopes. The the isotopes got sent straight to the National Physical Laboratory in London for us to study on their very accurate equipment so I went there with them, and then they got sent up to Manchester where I am based so we could try imaging them on a scanner in a hospital I work with here. It was a very intense couple of weeks with loads of hours of working! It got me loads of great experience and data though so I’m very happy we managed to do it.