• Question: Do you believe in illuminati ? What is your opinion?

    Asked by anon-201582 to Sophia, George, Meirin, Andy on 14 Mar 2019. This question was also asked by anon-201591.
    • Photo: Meirin Oan Evans

      Meirin Oan Evans answered on 14 Mar 2019:

      I don’t personally believe in illuminati since I’m not aware of any strong scientific evidence supporting such ideas. But I would be more open to the idea if I were made aware of some strong scientific evidence!

    • Photo: Sophia Pells

      Sophia Pells answered on 14 Mar 2019:

      The only ‘evidence’ I ever see people talk about for the illuminati is like ‘look, this person put their hands in a triangle this one time!’ which doesn’t seem like very concrete evidence to me.

    • Photo: Andy Buckley

      Andy Buckley answered on 14 Mar 2019:

      There are probably some people that call themselves “Illuminati” and do secret society stuff. Nice way to pass the time if you’re into that sort of thing! Do they secretly control the world? No. There’s a saying about never needing to invoke conspiracies to explain things that are quite consistent with greed and incompetence 😉