• Question: what was the first thing you did when you got a job

    Asked by anon-306452 on 16 Dec 2021.
    • Photo: Yasmin Yu

      Yasmin Yu answered on 7 Dec 2021:

      Bought myself a new phone 📱

    • Photo: Sarah Lu

      Sarah Lu answered on 7 Dec 2021: last edited 7 Dec 2021 5:01 pm

      For my PhD, set up my email account! Very boring but also very vital for getting things done.

    • Photo: Marianne Morris

      Marianne Morris answered on 7 Dec 2021:

      Panicked! Felt nervous! Would I be up to the job? What was I letting myself in for? Had I made the right choices?

      So many questions but, hey, all turned out fine in the end. A few nerves are normal and probably a good sign because then I knew it was important to me!

    • Photo: Antonios Banos

      Antonios Banos answered on 8 Dec 2021:

      Took my friends out for dinner!

    • Photo: Tom Ross

      Tom Ross answered on 8 Dec 2021:

      First I sorted out my office computer, email, and admin privileges. Then I made my desk look really nice! I think it was important to finish all the little things that I wouldn’t have time to do now back then so that I have a more positive experience overall.

    • Photo: Rachel Hayden

      Rachel Hayden answered on 8 Dec 2021:

      Lot of IT and admin stuff to set up on my first day, but all the teams I’ve worked with so far in my career have been so friendly and welcoming when I’ve started that it has made my first day at any new job go really smoothly.

    • Photo: Caroline Roche

      Caroline Roche answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      Moved. I was living in Ireland at time and my job was in England. So I had to pack up some stuff and find somewhere new to live close to work.

    • Photo: Alex Clyne

      Alex Clyne answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      The first thing I did when I found out I’d got the job was phone my parents! I then told anyone who would listen – friends, university lecturers – I was so happy!

      On my first day in the office I sorted out my computer and security pass (as that can be a hassle!) then set to work out on site, inspecting a basement room that no one had visited in over ten years.

    • Photo: Gavin Thomson

      Gavin Thomson answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      I had to buy a suit which was a bit of a shock

    • Photo: Hannah McCombs

      Hannah McCombs answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      I called my parents and told them!