• Question: what is your favourite part of being a scientist

    Asked by anon-305859 on 16 Dec 2021. This question was also asked by anon-305877.
    • Photo: Luke Townsend

      Luke Townsend answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      My favourite part about being a scientist is the variety. One day I can be in the lab doing an experiment, the next I can be doing some interesting data analysis. Then I may be at a conference presenting my work and listening to other people talk about their cutting edge research. In normal (non-Covid) times, I usually get to travel around the world too. I’ve previously been to places like Grenoble (France), New Orleans (USA), and Kyoto (Japan) as part of my job.

    • Photo: Caroline Roche

      Caroline Roche answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      Learning about new things. Whether its new software or a process I’m going to be working on. It’s never the same thing all the time.

    • Photo: Marianne Morris

      Marianne Morris answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      I am always learning new things and better ways to tackle problems. Getting to play with cool detectors is fun too!

    • Photo: Hannah McCombs

      Hannah McCombs answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      I’ve always loved solving problems, and working in science allows me to solve interesting problems every day!

    • Photo: Sarah Lu

      Sarah Lu answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      My favourite part is being able to plan my own experiments. I also really like the variety, i do a mixture of lab work, computer modelling, writing and going to conferences and workshops. I also get to travel for conferences [pre pandemic] and even got to present my research in Hawai’i!

    • Photo: Tom Ross

      Tom Ross answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      I love learning new things, and that’s essentially what I do 24/7 now which is amazing! It’s also nice to know that my research will be of some benefit (however small!) to society and the country.

    • Photo: Olivia Amy Douglas

      Olivia Amy Douglas answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      I love that there is always something new to learn and there are always new problems to be solved!

    • Photo: Gavin Thomson

      Gavin Thomson answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      i suppose i like trying to figure out how and why things work and what we don’t know and how important it is to figure out the “don’t knows”

    • Photo: Deanna Gillespie

      Deanna Gillespie answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      My favourite part is how varied the options for a career are. I always thought I would want to do research, found out quickly that it was not for me and instead ended up in the Waste industry as a Scientist. Now I am in the Nuclear industry dealing with Waste and still consider myself a scientist.

    • Photo: Dimitris Samaras

      Dimitris Samaras answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      The fact that you are discover new stuff, and that you not only allowed to be creative, but also encouraged to.