• Question: What is your favourite country (Mine is Japan)

    Asked by anon-305875 on 16 Dec 2021.
    • Photo: Helene Brett

      Helene Brett answered on 8 Dec 2021: last edited 9 Dec 2021 3:54 pm

      Japan is amazing. I also love South Korea. Both are top of my list along with Tonga, Scotland, Germany.

    • Photo: Rachel Hayden

      Rachel Hayden answered on 8 Dec 2021:

      My top 3 favourite countries I’ve visited are Australia, China and Switzerland. All for different reasons but loved them all!

    • Photo: Luke Townsend

      Luke Townsend answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      Great choice on Japan, it’s my favourite country too – 日本が大好きです!

    • Photo: Caroline Roche

      Caroline Roche answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      Austria is my favourite. I’ve holidayed there during summer and winter and it is never not beautiful. (Japan is up in my top five, I did a mini tour of northern Japan just before the pandemic and it was wonderful. )

    • Photo: Alex Clyne

      Alex Clyne answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      The UK is my favourite country, but out of the ones I’ve visited and been on holiday to, I have to say Italy – I’d love to go back at some point!

    • Photo: Marianne Morris

      Marianne Morris answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      My top 3 favourite places I’ve visited are Canada, Peru and Italy.
      I’m sure there are tons of amazing places that I haven’t had the luck to visit. I’d love to go to New Zealand someday…. but maybe if/when scientists have perfected a less polluting way to travel!

    • Photo: Gavin Thomson

      Gavin Thomson answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      i really like the idea of a big country where you have lots of variety in a single country – beaches, mountains with the hot and cold and cities and wilderness.
      i’d like to go to japan. its defo on my list.

    • Photo: Tom Ross

      Tom Ross answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      England! Followed closely by Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

    • Photo: Olivia Amy Douglas

      Olivia Amy Douglas answered on 9 Dec 2021:

      I would love to go to Japan! I would say my favourite country that I have been to is Thailand- I would highly recommend visiting Bangkok!

    • Photo: Rea Kozlowski

      Rea Kozlowski answered on 13 Dec 2021:

      My top 3:
      1) Switzerland
      2) Japan
      3) Lithuania