• Question: Will Aliens visit Earth in the next 100 years, if they do...will we be advanced enough by then to fight them off if they make a THREAT?

    Asked by 473nepk36 to yoyehudi on 17 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Yo Yehudi

      Yo Yehudi answered on 17 Nov 2017:

      Ooooh! I 1) hope they visit in my lifetime 2) hope they’re nice and friendly and we can learn from them and maybe share interesting things with them.

      If they’re mean aliens, there’s no way to know if we have resources to fight them off – we don’t know how many there are of them and what weapons they have. What if they are friendly but a virus that they carry can harm us, and we died by accident? Whoops, that would be an embarrassing way for the aliens to make first contact. If you like thinking about this type of thing, have you ever seen/read/listened to War of the Worlds? I like Jeff Wayne’s War of the worlds best – it’s an audio drama with song and narration imagining what it might be like if Martians invaded the earth. The story was written before we knew that there wasn’t any such thing as Martians, so it’s very old sci fi! I also like the TV show Falling Skies, documenting the survivors of humanity on a planet occupied by aliens. Oh, I love Alien, too! another oldie but a good one.