• Question: Can people live forever if we perform brain transplants and move someone's conscience into another body- anf if that was to happen can they still be considered the same person?

    Asked by AnimalNerd to Nina on 13 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Nina Jordan

      Nina Jordan answered on 13 Nov 2017:

      Excellent question – to which I have no answer! That’s not my area of specialisation but from what I gather people are working on these sorts of issues, it’s hotly debated. Considering them the same person would require that the brain is what makes you you, not the body. It’s a fair assumption I guess, but you might feel strange in someone else’s body? It’s an ethically difficult field and I hope we don’t get to that stage. For more information on how the brain works check out author and scientist David Eagleman (he has written several books), he had a series on TV but it’s not currently showing. You might be able to find it elsewhere though. This is the programme website: