• Question: do you have any spare time, or do you just work all the time ?

    Asked by anon-181544 on 6 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Jason Chu

      Jason Chu answered on 6 Jun 2018:

      I make sure to have some downtime to balance my working life. So I absolutely have spare time.
      And I use it to go running (I run a lot), meet up with friends, watch TV, and go on holidays (next one is to Poland!). It’s a busy schedule, but you make it work

    • Photo: Alexandra Hogan

      Alexandra Hogan answered on 6 Jun 2018:

      I still have plenty of spare time! There are lots of strategies I use to try and be efficient with my time while I am at work (like using a calendar to plan out my days), so that I don’t have to work on weekends or in the evenings.

    • Photo: Joey Shepherd

      Joey Shepherd answered on 6 Jun 2018:

      Yes, I have spare time – we love our jobs and there’s always a lot to do so we could in fact spend all of our time working but that is not very healthy. I try not to work in the evenings or at weekends so I have time to see friends, spend time with my family, and do my hobbies. It’s all about balance – and if you plan your time properly and try not to get too worried about things that can wait until tomorrow that helps!

    • Photo: Laura Hemming

      Laura Hemming answered on 6 Jun 2018:

      I’m a strong believer in having a good work-life balance so try as little as possible to work at evenings and weekends. It can be tough sometimes to balance everything, but you can definitely make it work with some effective planning strategies 🙂

    • Photo: Claire Donald

      Claire Donald answered on 7 Jun 2018:

      As a PhD student I was always in the lab. I worked a lot because, unlike at school and university, you don’t have someone telling you what to do. I wanted to make sure I did the best job I could and got lots of results I could talk about. Now that I have finished my PhD, having a work-life balance is really important to me so I try not to work evenings or weekends unless I really have to. This means I have time to do the things that make me happy now.

    • Photo: Joanne Sharpe

      Joanne Sharpe answered on 8 Jun 2018:

      I think it’s really important to make sure you make time for yourself! I usually make weekends free so I can bake, chill and visit friends.

    • Photo: Alex Haragan

      Alex Haragan answered on 8 Jun 2018:

      The nature of a lot of jobs, including science and research – is that you aren’t always working consistently.
      Its not a “9 ’til 5” job. Sometimes you’ll have quiet periods, and you’ll be quite relaxed. Othertimes you’ll have lots of experiments, tests, writing, meetings etc – so you’ll end up working evenings and weekends to get it all done.
      As the guys above have said – making the most of spare time is important. If you have a weekend off and just sit around the house, it always feels like a bit of a waste (to me). But if you make the effort to go out, meet up with friends or do what activities you like – the weekend feels longer and you feel more ready to crack on when you get back!

    • Photo: Lauren Burns

      Lauren Burns answered on 8 Jun 2018:

      As with everyone here, it is good to work hard and play hard! Although, my ‘play hard’ is mainly computer games or board games with friends, but hey – everyone is different!

    • Photo: Hannah Farley

      Hannah Farley answered on 10 Jun 2018:

      I do have spare time – one of the good things about science is that it is flexible. So I am working a bit this weekend because I have a presentation to give next week, but I won’t be at work on Thursday or Friday next week. I like to go camping and travelling, and I do a bit of rowing so sometimes I have to make sure my lab work fits around training.

    • Photo: Camille Parsons

      Camille Parsons answered on 11 Jun 2018:

      I still have spare time, in fact I think it’s really important to have a work-life balance. There are times when I have tight deadlines and have to work long hours, but I think it’s important not to spend all the hours of the day working all the time.