• Question: Did u go to university

    Asked by anon-182852 on 28 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Liza Selley

      Liza Selley answered on 28 Jun 2018:

      I went to several universities. For my BSc degree I studied in Coventry – the course was really varied and the city just the right size for someone who had only ever lived in a village. After that I went to Imperial College in London for my Masters by Research degree and stayed on for my PhD.

      Imperial is fantastic if you want to do science – a really good place to aim for for postgraduate study as they have lots of good links to help you get jobs. I spent a year of my PhD at King’s College, London too where the air pollution specialists are. I learnt absolutely loads there and enjoyed seeing what a different university was like for PhD work. It taught me that you should look around at different places before deciding where to go – don’t always pick the uni at the top of the league tables but the one that can teach you the most.

    • Photo: Jason Chu

      Jason Chu answered on 28 Jun 2018:

      I went to the University of Glasgow for my undergraduate degree in Immunology. And now I’m working on my PhD in Manchester.

    • Photo: Joanne Sharpe

      Joanne Sharpe answered on 28 Jun 2018:

      I went to University of York, and it was amazing! The staff were excellent and the course was perfect for me.

    • Photo: Claire Donald

      Claire Donald answered on 28 Jun 2018:

      Sure did! Technically I have been to 4 but I only have 3 degrees. Its worth going along to the open days to see which ones you like the feel of. I was certain I would go to Edinburgh to do my undergraduate degree but fell in love with St Andrews when I went to the open day. I did end up back at Edinburgh in the end though for my masters degree!

    • Photo: Joey Shepherd

      Joey Shepherd answered on 28 Jun 2018:

      Yes, I went to Leeds University to do a degree in Microbiology, then I did a masters degree and a PhD at Sheffield University

    • Photo: Nathan Clarke

      Nathan Clarke answered on 28 Jun 2018:

      I’ve been to a few also 🙂 I did a BSc at Leeds Beckett University, another BSc at the University of Leeds, an MSc at the University of Sheffield and I’m doing my PhD at the University of Nottingham. I also spent a whole two months at the University of Keele – where I decided I didn’t want to become a philosopher or a lawyer! 😉

    • Photo: Lauren Burns

      Lauren Burns answered on 28 Jun 2018:

      I’ve actually been at Swansea University for my Undergraduate degree (3 yrs), Masters degree (2yrs) and PhD (3 yrs) as they offered me a number of scholarships and opportunities so it didn’t make sense to me to change when I was enjoying and benefiting so much!