• Question: is it hard to work as a cancer researcher

    Asked by anon-250046 on 12 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Sarah Clarke

      Sarah Clarke answered on 12 Mar 2020:

      Hi, I don’t work as a cancer researcher but I work with lots of people who do. I guess it depends what you mean by hard. If you are asking is the science hard, then I think cancer research is probably just as hard as any other areas of research. I guess if you are asking whether it is hard emotionally because you are working with cancer, then I can’t really answer that as I don’t do that work. However, I do research into children’s diseases and people often ask me if I find it hard working with sick children. Whilst it can be hard, it is made easier by the fact that the work you do gives people hope.

    • Photo: Ioana Grigoras

      Ioana Grigoras answered on 12 Mar 2020:

      I don’t work as a cancer researcher, but a very close friend of mine does! She is working very hard, with quite long hours in the lab and loads of experiments every week, but she thinks it is worth it. She is studying a type of cancer that is currently invariably fatal, so any new knowledge would be super helpful to understand it better and give patients a chance.

    • Photo: M S

      M S answered on 12 Mar 2020:

      Im not in cancer research but I know people that are and I think its hard to say. We both work a lot of hours even though I work with lung diseases so I dont think its harder than others

    • Photo: Sophie Arthur

      Sophie Arthur answered on 12 Mar 2020:

      I don’t work in cancer research either, but I don’t think it is any easier or harder working in cancer research to any other area of medical research. You still need the same skills as other scientists like being resilient

    • Photo: Kate Mitchell

      Kate Mitchell answered on 12 Mar 2020:

      I’m not a cancer researcher so I don’t know I’m afraid! I suspect they do work pretty hard 🙂