• Question: Doe caffeine affect focus?

    Asked by anon-249743 on 3 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Aleksandr Sahakyan

      Aleksandr Sahakyan answered on 3 Mar 2020:

      There are some controversial results around this question. A few research articles I found on the topic show that there may be little effect on attention/focus while used in moderation. Another study showed that caffeine may increase the attention at the initial stage, but slightly deteriorate it at later stages after consumption. In any case, while relying on your coffee or caffeine rich drinks, make sure that you use it in moderation. Also, what I found useful in my own experience, is that using coffee at a randomised times of the days, hence avoiding caffeine consumption at a regular time, will prevent your organism from learning the pattern of the external stimulant (caffeine) intake, reducing its reliance on caffeine, which in general will improve your wellbeing and maintain proper level of alertness and attention even when you withdraw caffeine rich drinks from your diet.

    • Photo: Sophie Arthur

      Sophie Arthur answered on 3 Mar 2020:

      Yes! Caffiene can actually boost your focus and alertness if you are tired. But it doesnt help with learning anything.

      When we drink caffeine, it binds to our regions in our brains called adenosine receptors. Caffiene is basically the key that fits in the receptors lock. When caffeine is bound to the receptor, it blocks adenosine from binding – which is the hormone that makes us feel sleep and the chemical that normally binds these receptors. So the caffeine is stopping the adenosine from doing its job and stopping us from feeling as tired as we are.

    • Photo: Amadou Camara

      Amadou Camara answered on 4 Mar 2020:

      I think not but they control our behaviour

    • Photo: Samir Hopestone

      Samir Hopestone answered on 4 Mar 2020:

      From my experience, small amounts of caffeine can help with focus, but to much can actually reduce focus and overdosing can cause nausea etc. This is highly dependent on the individual who consumes the caffeine, I have friends who if they drink even one cup of coffee they can’t sleep for days, which would ultimately reduce concentration. There are other healthier ways to boost concentration, including staying hydrated, doing regular exercise and getting at least 8 hrs of sleep per night.

    • Photo: M S

      M S answered on 4 Mar 2020:

      It can do. Theres a fine balance in it so for me a little amount of caffeine keeps me awake and reduces headaches

    • Photo: Lotte de Winde

      Lotte de Winde answered on 4 Mar 2020:

      I’m not an expert, but I need 1-2 coffees a day. Without them, I’m not as productive and active, so I think caffeine promotes focus, but only in small amounts.

    • Photo: Robyn Kiy

      Robyn Kiy answered on 4 Mar 2020:

      As Sophie explained, in scientific terms caffeine should boost focus! However, the strength of this effect can vary between people, and I personally don’t find that coffee helps me be any more productive.

    • Photo: Nathan Kindred

      Nathan Kindred answered on 5 Mar 2020:

      Caffeine has been shown to boost focus when used moderately but in excess it loses this effect. The effects of caffeine also vary from person to person.

    • Photo: Ioana Grigoras

      Ioana Grigoras answered on 7 Mar 2020:

      I think it helps you focus if you don’t have too much of it, but it will only make you more nervous and more prone to mistakes if you have too much of it.

    • Photo: Kate Mitchell

      Kate Mitchell answered on 8 Mar 2020:

      I don’t study the effects of caffeine, but I find that for me a cup of tea can make me feel more alert – however, I currently only have one or two cups of caffeinated tea a day so that it doesn’t disrupt my sleep. I find getting a good night’s sleep is even better than caffeine for improving my focus! And I enjoy drinking decaffeinated tea the rest of the day, which tastes just as good.