• Question: Do you have any children yourself? If you do, do you use you expertise to help them get better?

    Asked by anon-249551 to SarahC on 4 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Sarah Clarke

      Sarah Clarke answered on 4 Mar 2020:

      Hi, thanks for your questions. I have two children who keep me pretty busy! I think being a paediatrician with children of your own has good and bad points. On the one hand when they are poorly I understand what is wrong with them and what they need to get better. However on the other hand it is very difficult to take an objective view on something you are emotionally involved in – what I mean is it can be easy to assume someone you love isn’t that unwell because deep down you don’t want them to be, so you see what you wants to see. For that reason we have strict guidelines about not treating our friends and family. Basically, if my kids are sick they see a doctor other than me and I follow the advice I am given, but use my expertise to understand and question in. I hope that makes sense!