• Question: Did you used to like science in school ?

    Asked by anon-249571 on 10 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Toby Candler

      Toby Candler answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      Yes I did. I definitely preferred Biology and Chemistry to Physics (a bit too much maths for my liking).

    • Photo: Sophie Arthur

      Sophie Arthur answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      Yes. Biology was my favourite subject. I always enjoyed physics but never quite understood it. I really hated chemistry because my teachers were so awful

    • Photo: Katrina Wesencraft

      Katrina Wesencraft answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      I always liked biology – I wasn’t so keen on chemistry but I liked it a lot more when I studied it at university! We got to do lots of lab classes and experiments which was more fun. I always thought I was rubbish at physics but now I work in a physics lab!

    • Photo: Nuru Noor

      Nuru Noor answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      Yes I definitely liked science but it wasn’t really my favourite subject – I think I preferred languages like French 👍 But the more medicine and science I did at university and then work, made me find it more and more interesting – especially when there is still so much that we don’t know and don’t understand 🙂

    • Photo: Petruta Morvay

      Petruta Morvay answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      Hi. Yes, my favourite subject was always having to do with science. I liked learning about all about living things. How the body functions, with all the organs (different parts of it). To study about diseases and how they affect us. Most of all the mechanisms that triggers them. How this is scientifically explained and how can we help restore it to normal. We need to understand the mechanism in order to stop it, if it is a bad one that causes disease or to restore it back to normal, if the disease blocked it. So I loved biology, chemistry, and anything in between. 🙂

    • Photo: Lotte de Winde

      Lotte de Winde answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      Yes, I mostly liked Biology and Chemistry. I wasn’t very good at Physics…

    • Photo: Paige Chandler

      Paige Chandler answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      It was always my favourite subject at school. Biology was my favourite, I loved learning about the science of life.

    • Photo: Sarah Carter

      Sarah Carter answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      I did! I really liked biology. I struggled with chemistry (and never even attempted organic chemistry), but loved biology as as student and am getting more and more interested in genetics as my career in research goes on.

    • Photo: Ioana Grigoras

      Ioana Grigoras answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      Yes, I really liked physics!

    • Photo: Andrea Kusec

      Andrea Kusec answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      I did! I really liked biology, not so much chemistry. Physics was a lot of fun though!

    • Photo: Sarah Brown

      Sarah Brown answered on 11 Mar 2020:

      I did but it definitely wasn’t my favourite!

    • Photo: Nathan Kindred

      Nathan Kindred answered on 11 Mar 2020:

      I liked Biology and Chemistry, hated Physics though!

    • Photo: Samir Hopestone

      Samir Hopestone answered on 11 Mar 2020:

      Yes I did, I enjoyed Biology the most, but I liked Chemistry and Physics too!

    • Photo: Sarah Clarke

      Sarah Clarke answered on 11 Mar 2020:

      I enjoyed Biology, Chemistry and Maths so ended up doing those subjects for A level- found Physics a bit tough though

    • Photo: M S

      M S answered on 12 Mar 2020:

      Yeah I did! I think I also loves maths and art too so there were a lot of things I loved

    • Photo: Kate Mitchell

      Kate Mitchell answered on 13 Mar 2020:

      Yes, from year 9 to year 11 I loved it – I had a great science teacher! Then in sixth form I studied Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subjects – I loved Biology and Physics, but not Chemistry so much.

    • Photo: Jennifer Roe

      Jennifer Roe answered on 20 Mar 2020:

      I enjoyed biology. Not so much chemistry or physics!