• Question: Was Science your favorite subject at school?

    Asked by anon-319340 on 14 Mar 2022.
    • Photo: Mahoulo Ahouansou

      Mahoulo Ahouansou answered on 14 Mar 2022:

      It was one of my favorite subject because you get to put theory into practice. And, it is fine to make mistakes as it is good to improve your skillset.

    • Photo: Hayley Russell

      Hayley Russell answered on 14 Mar 2022:

      I really enjoyed chemistry in school which is why I decided to study it at school, I also liked that it had such a wide range of jobs available

    • Photo: Veselina Georgieva

      Veselina Georgieva answered on 14 Mar 2022:

      We didnt have science as a subject at school. We had chemistry, biology and geography in separate subjects. I liked it the most the chemistry.

    • Photo: Andrew Parrott

      Andrew Parrott answered on 14 Mar 2022:

      Yes science was my favourite subject. I liked all aspect of sciences but physics and chemistry were my favourites. In fact I found it hard to pick between chemistry and the more “physics” based chemical engineering when going to Uni so I picked a course that had a mixture of the two! I still do work which is a mixture of the two – so I guess I never did decide.

    • Photo: Graeme Barker

      Graeme Barker answered on 14 Mar 2022:

      Yes – chemistry was my favourite, but I did enjoy physics and biology as well.

    • Photo: Matthew Macariou

      Matthew Macariou answered on 14 Mar 2022:

      Yes, I loved my science lessons.
      Later, when I studied the sciences separately I found each to be interesting.

    • Photo: Stephen Doughty

      Stephen Doughty answered on 14 Mar 2022:

      Yes – I enjoyed Chemistry the most but I was also good at Maths. But don’t neglect other subjects like English … part of being a good scientist is being able to communicate a good story about your research. We spend a lot of time writing about our research outcomes in research papers which are published for other scientists to read.

    • Photo: Amit Vernekar

      Amit Vernekar answered on 15 Mar 2022:


    • Photo: Lesley Howell

      Lesley Howell answered on 15 Mar 2022:

      Yes! Chemistry specifically was always my favorite from about Y9.

    • Photo: Sophie Strickfuss

      Sophie Strickfuss answered on 16 Mar 2022:

      Maths! I still love maths and I like doing maths puzzles for fun.

    • Photo: Ioanna Maria Pateli

      Ioanna Maria Pateli answered on 21 Mar 2022:

      Yes, I loved science and literature!