• Question: How much do you earn??????

    Asked by anon-323348 on 17 Mar 2022. This question was also asked by anon-314269, anon-315460.
    • Photo: Luisa Islas

      Luisa Islas answered on 17 Mar 2022: last edited 17 Mar 2022 8:48 pm

      I am still quite new at my company, so my salary is still not too high but I currently earn about £40,000 a year.

      When I was doing research at the University of Bristol as a new graduate I was earning about £32,000 a year.

    • Photo: Amit Vernekar

      Amit Vernekar answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      My earnings are enough for sustaining my daily needs with some savings. I am happy with it.

    • Photo: Ian McKinley

      Ian McKinley answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      Because I am a self-employed consultant, this question is hard to answer. First of all, my earnings vary with the contracts that I get – but this might typically give an income of about £150,000 / year. This looks like an awful lot, but I then need to pay all the costs normally covered by an employer (pension, health insurance…) and also travel costs. In normal times (before COVID), I travel to Japan maybe 4 or 5 times a year and work there for maybe 10 or 12 weeks, which is very expensive. Even then, this gives me a high salary compared to the UK: however Switzerland is ranked as the second most expensive country in the world to live in. So I am well paid but, by Swiss standards, not very rich.

    • Photo: Veselina Georgieva

      Veselina Georgieva answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      I work for the same company as Luisa Islas and I am getting relatively the same amount about 39K a year.

    • Photo: Graeme Barker

      Graeme Barker answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      I’m a fairly junior lecturer, so my salary isn’t that high compared to some of my colleagues – just over £42,000/year.

    • Photo: Mahoulo Ahouansou

      Mahoulo Ahouansou answered on 19 Mar 2022:

      My salary is about £35000/year but I live in Yorkshire so it is more than enough for my utility bills, savings and financing my various trips around the globe. It will be more in the near future, I have faith ;).

    • Photo: Lesley Howell

      Lesley Howell answered on 20 Mar 2022:

      I earn £60K a year but this has taken some time to get to this.

    • Photo: Ioanna Maria Pateli

      Ioanna Maria Pateli answered on 21 Mar 2022:

      I earn around £37000 per year without excluding taxes so it is around £2300 pm. Enough money to pay your bills, save your money and travel around!!!