• Question: Are u enjoying your job right now?

    Asked by anon-320819 on 14 Mar 2022. This question was also asked by anon-313880.
    • Photo: Mark Ridgill

      Mark Ridgill answered on 14 Mar 2022:

      I love it – I lead a team looking for a cancer cure which I find very motivating

    • Photo: Stephen Doughty

      Stephen Doughty answered on 14 Mar 2022:

      Yes, I think so!

    • Photo: Amit Vernekar

      Amit Vernekar answered on 15 Mar 2022:


    • Photo: Veselina Georgieva

      Veselina Georgieva answered on 15 Mar 2022:

      Yes I do, and I am motivated to keep going

    • Photo: Lesley Howell

      Lesley Howell answered on 15 Mar 2022:

      Yes! I LOVE my job. No two days are the same, I have a good work-life balance and I get to teach!

    • Photo: Sophie Strickfuss

      Sophie Strickfuss answered on 16 Mar 2022:

      Yes, very much! Every day is different, and I work with very talented people which motivates me to do my best.

    • Photo: Andrew Parrott

      Andrew Parrott answered on 16 Mar 2022:


    • Photo: Ioanna Maria Pateli

      Ioanna Maria Pateli answered on 21 Mar 2022:

      Yes quite a lot!!! I like that I have to work with many different and brilliant people to produce nice results. I also enjoy working in a rapidly developing field (that of batteries) because it means I learn a lot.

    • Photo: Graeme Barker

      Graeme Barker answered on 24 Mar 2022:

      Yes, I love it.