• Question: Could you guys see yourself doing anything different? and would you guys rather do anything different?

    Asked by anon-216550 to Robert, Olly, Nicola, Jasmin, Dennis, Caroline on 16 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Dennis Relojo-Howell

      Dennis Relojo-Howell answered on 16 Jun 2019:

      Hi LiamMc. Probably not. I love the nature of my job. And it’s flexibility. I see my blog as platform where researchers can communicate their science in a more digestible way – so that average readers can learn about the important works that they do.

      The nature of the platform I have created will evolve (I started a blog, then I added a podcast, and then an open access journal, and then I now organise conferences). But, I will remain a mental health blogger for a very long time. 🙂

    • Photo: Nicola Johnstone

      Nicola Johnstone answered on 16 Jun 2019:

      Not really! Training for this job takes a really really long time and for me it would be a shame not to use the skills and knowledge that has been invested in me by all my teachers, supervisors and mentors. Plus, it’s a career that suits my nature very well and i really enjoy it.

    • Photo: Caroline Brett

      Caroline Brett answered on 17 Jun 2019:

      I’m a registered health psychologist, so I could if I wished (and had the right experience and training) work as a practitioner – helping people to deal with physical health difficulties.
      The job I’m in does have its periods of stress and so there are times when I consider whether I would prefer to do something different, I have to be honest!! But generally I enjoy my job right now.

    • Photo: Robert Dempsey

      Robert Dempsey answered on 17 Jun 2019:

      For me, I don’t see myself doing anything different and I don’t think I would want to! I really enjoy my job and love that I can decide what to research (e.g. based on the existing research literature, gaps in our knowledge). Researchers like me may change their research focus over time and investigate new topics or issues that are becoming more apparent – for example, I never planned on becoming a suicide researcher but I’ve found it to be a very interesting area to work in and something which we really don’t understand well enough. I think I’ll stay in research but it’s likely that what I research may change in focus over time.

    • Photo: Jasmin Moon

      Jasmin Moon answered on 17 Jun 2019:

      I have always been interested in Psychology, so I think if I was doing something different it would still be related to Psychology in some way. When I was a lot younger I wanted to be a nurse but I don’t think I could handle all the blood!

    • Photo: Oliver Clabburn

      Oliver Clabburn answered on 17 Jun 2019:

      Hey LiamMc, yeah I can imagine doing something different. I’m not sure what, but certainly focused on helping people with their mental health and wellbeing!