• Question: Hello Luke thank you for answering my questions. the biggest one for me at the moment is how I move forward. I have wanted to do work experience and think it is very important but don't know what would best suit a specific course.

    Asked by anon-252637 to Luke on 1 May 2020.
    • Photo: Luke Bryden

      Luke Bryden answered on 1 May 2020:

      Hi Jacob, no problem. Just to say, while work experience is really useful for getting a feel for what a certain job is like, it is by no means essential for going to university (which I gather from our conversations on the Chat is what you want to do).
      If you are interested in doing a human biology related subject at university, some experience in a lab that does any sort of biomedical research would be good as it will give you an idea of what ‘lab life’ is like. How easy it is for you to get access to these sort of opportunities really depends where you live, I suppose. I am originally from the Lake District and when I tried to look for work experience in a lab in the local area it was really difficult because there weren’t many places in the area. If you live near a university, then you could maybe have a look at the website and find out about their research groups and contact one of the groups. Might seem a bit daunting but most will be happy to help, even if they can’t offer you work experience themselves!
      In the immediate future, it will be unlikely you’ll be able to get any experience due to the ongoing pandemic. Hopefully in the next few months things will start to get back to ‘normal’.
      Does that help?