• Question: Hello, I am a teacher in a mixed comprehensive secondary school. We have introduced the IMYC program of study in year 7 and will roll it out to year 8 next year. This is how the IMYC defines itself on its website: The IMYC helps your students to make meaning of their learning by: Linking all subject learning to a conceptual theme Responding to the specific developmental needs of 11-14 year olds Working towards understanding through a personal and global perspective How effective is that approach in helping students develop learning skills? It is an "off the peg" curriculum. Is it better to stick to recommendations made by the providers in terms of learning activities or is it better to amend and customise? If we customise, are we at risk of losing the essence of the course, thereby negating any benefits? If we don't customise, are we reducing teachers' ability to use their experience to teach thereby under-utilising the staff's pool of knowledge? Which approach would you recommend? Thank you

    Asked by Monnomdeplume to SusannaMarie, Paul, Michael, Kathrin, Joe, Iroise, Ian, Emma on 28 Apr 2015.
    • Photo: Susanna Martin

      Susanna Martin answered on 28 Apr 2015:

      Hi, I’m afraid I haven’t heard of the IMYC so I am a little out of my depth in responding. However, it sounds like an interesting idea, and certainly thematic learning and providing context for content can really help students learn. In my opinion (and this isn’t my area) I would have thought it made sense to combine this with your existing methods and knowledge to provide more opportunities for the students to learn. I imagine you are already using some of the techniques such as group work and projects.
      How have the year 7s responded? I think the key is to also be evaluating how you teach and being open to modify it depending on the students in your class. Just because the methods works for some doesn’t mean it will work for all.