• Question: Hello, I am french and I teach Biology in English in European sections. Is it usefull, helpfull.... to my pupils if I loose my native accent?

    Asked by dubocs to Anna on 14 Apr 2015.
    • Photo: Anna Simmonds

      Anna Simmonds answered on 14 Apr 2015:

      The content and delivery of lessons will have a greater impact on students’ learning than accent so I don’t think you should worry. If you were to try speaking in a different ‘more English-like’ accent that was not so natural to you, the students would pick up on the fact that you were focusing too much on your accent and not speaking naturally. Students often get used to listening to teachers with a variety of accents and some people report that certain regional accents can be more difficult to understand than foreign accents.

      Also, there are many excellent non-native speakers of English who teach English as a foreign language, so that should encourage you!