• Question: how did you get into your job and do you like it

    Asked by anon-314040 to Alex H on 16 Mar 2022.
    • Photo: Alex Headspith

      Alex Headspith answered on 16 Mar 2022:

      I love my job! I get to do some pretty unique things and no two days are the same!

      My route through to my current career – Mechanical Design Engineer – is as follows.

      I finished my GCSEs in 2016 and became a Mechanical Engineering Apprentice at STFC Daresbury Laboratory. The apprenticeship lasts 4 years and includes both academic and hands on qualifications. I got to work on all sorts of cool projects, including accelerators for Romania and Sweden, went to CERN to work on their accelerators including the famous LHC and even led on a project to build a heavy ion detector for installation in Germany.

      Upon completion of my apprenticeship I became a Mechanical Technician at STFC. I moved to working mainly on our accelerator (which is called CLARA) along with the responsibility of leading a project called ZEPTO, to build a one-off tuneable magnet. This is brand new technology being developed for accelerators.

      Leading this project involved me more with collaborating more with the Design Office. A little earlier on I applied for the job, and got it because I had more work experience alongside the academic qualifications.

      I really enjoy my job, and I think my route through shows that apprenticeships can be a great way to get to where you want to be. I start my degree later on this year.