• Question: what new things have you learnt while making discoveries?

    Asked by area490ugh on 20 Jul 2023.
    • Photo: Bruno Silvester Lopes

      Bruno Silvester Lopes answered on 20 Jul 2023: last edited 21 Jul 2023 8:33 am

      You have to fail a lot only then you will succeed and to work hard diligently towards the end goal. I always think about how my discoveries help in saving lives. When I think that I feel not many people do that. Of course, there is no doubt that I am an incredible hard worker (I don’t want to shy from saying this). Everyone who met me say this is my number 1 quality. Other than that I feel it is an honour to do something for someone and to be remembered for that. My discoveries are not very big (even though others might think the opposite) but big enough for me to make a difference in the field of science and people around the world!

    • Photo: Kip Heath

      Kip Heath answered on 21 Jul 2023:

      I’ve learned a lot about myself. Mostly what I am capable of, and that’s really important. In 2020 I started doing stand up comedy because of something I saw at a science talk. My Mum’s response? ‘If I could have listed 50 careers for you it wouldn’t have included comedian.’

    • Photo: Clare Morrow

      Clare Morrow answered on 24 Jul 2023:

      We are constantly learning, but personally havent made a discovery