• Question: What is the inside of a brain like

    Asked by Fikunmi to Mona-Lisa, Blair on 19 Jul 2023.
    • Photo: Mona-Lisa Kwentoh

      Mona-Lisa Kwentoh answered on 19 Jul 2023:

      I haven’t seen the inside of the brain in real life . However, I have seen a model of the brain .
      The best way I could relate to it – 2 big halves ( Cerebrum ) with a small portion beneath
      (cerebellum ) . There is a long cord at the end that runs the length of the back ( spinal cord ). The brain also had deeper structures – pituitary gland , hypothalamus etc ,

    • Photo: Blair Johnston

      Blair Johnston answered on 19 Jul 2023:

      MRI is great at viewing the brain. It shows the grey and white matter really clearly. Just google MRI brain and you’ll see loads of amazing images