• Question: What are some of the challenges you face in your research?

    Asked by freyax1238 on 19 Jul 2023.
    • Photo: Bruno Silvester Lopes

      Bruno Silvester Lopes answered on 19 Jul 2023:

      Funding for research is quite limited and very competitive. You might have a brilliant experiment but others might not give you the funding because they think it is not good enough…so that is always a bit challenging! Other than that more needs to be done to promote science for all communities so that people can be motivated…unfortunately only a few people are interested in promoting their work to the public.

    • Photo: Sophie Shaw

      Sophie Shaw answered on 19 Jul 2023:

      It can be pretty challenging getting research funding. There aren’t many sources of funding and they’re really competitive to get – this is probably the biggest barrier researchers face!

    • Photo: Clare Morrow

      Clare Morrow answered on 19 Jul 2023:

      Funding like Bruno and Sophie have said. Also time to complete the research

    • Photo: Oluwatosin Orababa

      Oluwatosin Orababa answered on 19 Jul 2023:

      Time and deadlines. Sometimes, you have lots of experiments to plan within a limited time. Also, limited funding is another big challenge.

    • Photo: Hannah Scholes

      Hannah Scholes answered on 19 Jul 2023:

      I don’t do that much research anymore, I’m more involved in diagnostics. I do remember that funding was an issue – it’s quite limited and very, very competitive. As some of the others have said, you might have an amazing idea, but someone else might have another amazing idea and they might get given the money over you.

    • Photo: Hasinah Mohammed

      Hasinah Mohammed answered on 20 Jul 2023:

      The big challenge is that the research is new, so nobody else has the answer – which means I have to work it out for myself. I work with my team to think of theories and knowledge which can contribute or help with the problem, and I have to do the work from there.

    • Photo: Chigozie Onuba

      Chigozie Onuba answered on 20 Jul 2023:

      The right funding and Time to complete the work

    • Photo: Mona-Lisa Kwentoh

      Mona-Lisa Kwentoh answered on 21 Jul 2023:

      Having dedicated time to undertake research as I work full time in a hospital. . As such, I try to contribute to exiting projects when possible.

    • Photo: Kip Heath

      Kip Heath answered on 21 Jul 2023:

      For me it’s getting time to do research. I am in an office based leadership role which has amazing advantages (and I am paid more than I was when I was lab based), but research is now a very small part of my job.